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I deliver results using simple, concise specifications and proven, modern technologies. Alan Graham

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Featured Projects

GifGif This innovative startup required extensive improvements to their native iPad app, along with an entirely new .NET-based server architecture. Obj-C, iPad App, Umbraco 7, REST APIs, TDD
Child Helpline International As well as liaising directly with their design / media team to deliver a top-class content-driven website, I continue to provide technical guidance to this international charity. .NET 4.5, Umbraco, HTML5, jQuery, CSS
Heatmiser Looked after all aspects of this companies home thermostat apps in iOS. Wireframed and workshopped new UI concepts. Expanded their platform to new devices such as WatchOS. Obj-C, Swift, iOS, WatchOS, JSON
Black & Lizars with Innovation Digital Typical of the results I deliver confidentially to digital agencies, I assisted Innovation Digital with the build of their client's site, and improved Umbraco skills within their team. Umbraco, ASP.NET, HTML 5, jQuery, CSS
LeadsList I delivered an innovative and highly-scalable financial trading platform for a game-changing startup, stress-tested to handle over £2m of transactions per day. .NET 4.0, Message Queues, Windows Services.
Bridgeall Libraries / SmartSM Bridgeall came to me with an interesting problem: write a system that automatically determines the genre of the half-billion books held in their client's libraries. Oracle PL/SQL, Java, Bayesian Statistics

About Me

I've been a professional software engineer since 2001. In that time I've seen needless complexity run rampant, coupled with a desire to embrace immature technologies that are beyond the cutting edge.

The Simpler Solution began in August 2007, embodying my approach to software development perfectly.

I'm based in Central Scotland. I deliver results for clients worldwide.


  • Photo of Mark Jennings Every time I have hired Alan I have been asking the impossible but he has handled the job so calmly and efficiently that I suspect he may be part computer himself. I look forward to many more projects in the future.
    - Mark Jennings, Freelance Brand Strategist
  • Photo of Mark Jennings Alan is a fantastic, dedicated professional who knows his stuff and is prepared to go above and beyond. He also delivered 2 days of training which were universally praised. Alan was endlessly patient and helpful throughout.
    - Bryony Stentiford, Marketing and Communications Leader
  • Photo of Ammanjah de Vries I have worked with many "IT people" in the past, but none as dedicated, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with as Alan. He helped us from start to finish - not just implementing our ideas, but also actively suggesting better solutions.
    - Ammanjah de Vries, Child Helpline International
  • Photo of Jak Deschner Alan's recent work on website creation was to a high standard, on budget & on time. Diligent, personable & professional in all my dealings with him, I'm happy to recommend Alan.
    - Jak Deschner, Global IT Manager, Weir Group PLC
  • Photo of Mark Buchner Alan was brought in to instil his Umbraco expertise into our team - we quickly realised he could be relied upon to do far more. He was instrumental in the success of many of our projects.
    - Mark Büchner, Director, Conscia Enterprise Systems Ltd
  • Photo of Frances Spencer Alan worked with us to develop two websites in ASP.NET. He was professional, personable and dedicated to the task at hand. Frequently, he helped us solve critical business issues. I would gladly recommend Alan.
    - Frances Spencer, Comms. Officer, Marketing Edinburgh